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Workshop on Aging; Breaking Down the Barriers, Decision Making, Self Determination - June 2, 2010

L'Arche Community

 L’Arche Community Website for Aging with a Developmental Disability – Full of resources and information on supporting people as they age.

Local Integration Networks

 Local Health Integration Networks-collaborative relationships and health system integration.

Waterloo-Wellington LHIN

  Waterloo, Wellington LHIN-Health care information for Waterloo, Wellington Region.

Hamilton Niagara Haldimand Brant LHIN

  Hamilton, Niagara, Haldimand, Brant LHIN-local health service information.

Peel, Halton LHIN

 Peel, Halton LHIN-local health care information for Peel and Halton regions.

Ministry of Health LHIN

 Ministry of Health & Long Term Care-Government Health Services in Ontario.

Resource Center: Aging and Developmental Disabilities

 Resource Centre on Aging and Developmental Disabilities in the US

The Roeher Institute

 The Roeher Institute. A Policy Research Institute with many publications available via their web site at reasonable costs.

Rehabilitation and Training Center

 Rehabilitation Research and Training Centre on Aging with Developmental Disabilities. Provides research, education and many free publications.

Meeting Social and Recreational Needs

 Aging with Developmental Disabilities – Meeting Social and Recreational Needs

Journal on Developmental Disabilities

Journal on Developmental Disabilities – Living and Aging with a Developmental Disability: Perspectives of Individuals, Family Members and Service Providers.

Ontario Government Disability Information

Funding for People Supporting Seniors


ODSP-Ontario Disability information

Also a link to funding with New Horizons for people supporting seniors


Community Care Access Center or Also Here

 CCAC-Community Care Access Centre

Social Planning Council

.Social Planning Councils-cultivate community knowledge to advance social justice. 

Alzheimer's Knowledge Exchange

 Alzheimer’s Knowledge Exchange-information and resources for those with Alzheimer’s Disease

L'Arche: Healthy Aging

 L’Arche Canada Website-healthy aging, changing needs and complex palliative care information for the disabled whom are aging.

Self Administered Cognitive Screening Test

 Self administered cognitive screening test

Ontario Seniors Guide

 A Guide to Programs and Services for Seniors in Ontario –a guide for seniors that includes health information, financial information and services for seniors.

Ontario Partnership on Aging and Developmental Disabilities

 Ontario Partnership on Aging and Developmental Disabilities-an informal partnership of service providers in long-term care and developmental disabilities.

TCanadian Women's Health Network: Disabilities

 he Canadian Women’s Health Network-Women with Disabilities

Aging and Disability: Practical Tools

Aging and Disability-Practical tools to face the challenger of aging with grace and dignity.

Government of Canda: Health Care Portal

 Government of Canada-Health Care Portal-Wide range of information, publications and studies on aging, developmental disabilities and general health care issues.

University of Western Ontario

University of Western Ontario Aging Resources

 University of Western Ontario-Developmental Disabilities Division (DDD)-Access to the DDD Clinical Bulletin that publishes articles on developmental disabilities; training and education opportunities and links to many related web sites.

Access aging resources at


Impact Online Magazine

 Impact Online Magazine-See the Feature Issue on Aging and People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (Winter 2010).

Seniors Health Research

 Seniors Health Research Transfer Network-Access the Aging and Developmental Disabilities Community of Practice

-OPPAD (Ontario Partnership on Aging and Developmental Disabilities)

-ACELAW (Advocacy Centre for the Elderly)

-NACA (National Advisory Council on Aging)

-HCCA (Health Care Consent Act)

-SDA (Substitute Decisions Act)

Age-Friendly Communities: Principles and Building Blocks

Age Friendly Communities-Principles, building blocks and resources for moving your organization and community towards an age friendly approach.

Resource Center Aging and Disabilities

Resource Centre on Aging and Developmental Disabilities

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