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Support Files

The IT Help files are provided for CH staff in support of applications and tools currently in use.  If you have a problem with your computer, please check the FAQ first -- you may find that someone else has already had that problem and solved it. 

Some of these pages are under construction.  All of them will be regularly updated.

New!  Corporate Office Telephone Help 

(New Phones) Avaya 9608g Help

Support Page Description
Expression Web 4 Microsoft's Replacement for Front Page: how to create and edit web pages.
Acrobat - Passwords and More How to add a password to an existing Adobe PDF Document.
inDesign For mastering and typesetting large documents, like the Reference Manual.
Backing Up Your Data How to back up your important files and documents.
Software (Applications) Support  Office Compatibility Patch Helpful information, conversion utilities, and more.
Graphics Including a great duplicate file finder (free download).
Fluidsurveys [under construction] Online corporate accounts for conducting surveys.
Sending BIG files How to send someone a very large file (which can't be sent as an attachment)
Wifi Routers and other accessories.
Converting Documents to PDF Format. Converting Documents to PDF and Back
New  Corporate - Telephone Telephone Support for Corporate Office
Video Conferencing How to setup a Video Conference at Corporate or District Offices
Video - Capturing from the Internet Capturing from the Internet
Computer Viruses, Trojans, and Tigers-- Oh my! How to prevent your computer from being infected and what to do if it is.

Vendors and Other Notes

Video Monitoring Equipment For Safety and Security.
Disk Duplication Services Issues related to large scale disk duplication and a list of vendors and prices.
Photography/Video/Graphics  Cameras Advice on Cameras, video, blu-ray, image editing software, etc. Graphics  | Photoshop Tips | Magic Plan (for measuring rooms)
Download a Google Map to your GPS How to make a map in Google and then download it to a Garmin GPS to use in your vehicle.
IE 9 Problems with CHConnect  
[2014-11] [barnabas]


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