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Duplicating DVD's for distribution.

For printing nice labels on the disk, IT has an inkjet printer suitable for very short runs -- like 10 disks or less.  It takes about 2 minutes to print a single disk.  Not really very practical for larger runs.

We can duplicate seven dvds at a time on our Kanguru machine (must be DVD-R disks).

The cost for our own inkjet printer, per disk, is probably about .25 per disk for the ink and about .30 per disk for the disk itself (white, printable, DVD-R blanks). 

There are printers available for about $1500++ which will print, or publish, 100 disks at a time.  It is difficult to obtain ink costs for the Primera or other larger inkjet or thermal printers.  Note that these large "publishers" only duplicate one or two disks at a time, whereas our Kanguru will do 7.  However, note that the Kanguru can be somewhat unreliable at times, and seems to be fussy about the type of disk used, or how the disk was originally mastered.

One web page suggests that 600 blank white CD-Rs with ink -- a "kit" -- is $411.  That would suggest an ink price of about $300 or .50 a disk, but that is pure conjecture.  No it isn't -- I just located a website review that concludes a cost of... .50 per disk.  That is actually quite pricey.


Cost Per DiskDetails
Primera .50 + .40 (disk)=  .90
Onestop waiting
VCM waiting...
jackets waiting $1095 + tax for 1000 disks
Amtech (Verdun, PQ) About $1700.00 + tax  for 1000 disks, including printed envelope.

Printing CD/DVD Labels The minefield of printing DVD labels rationalized... to some extent.
CD/DVD Label Printer  





Milton Ontario, Kinwood

On Thermal vs. Inkjet

A Nashville Company that quotes $1.65 per disk (colour, including insert, case, and shrink wrap) for 1000.    

Quebec Company

Discmakers: Quotes $990 for 1000 disks with jacket and color on-disk printing, high gloss UV.  New Jersey.

Canadian Company: Onestop

Mississauga: VCM

Local Printing Services - Jackets