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CH has an FTP site running on our webserver available to staff or outside contractors who need to upload or download large files.  FTP is fast, secure, and efficient

We strongly recommend Filezilla as your FTP client.  Filezilla is secure, reliable, and free.  You can download it HERE.

We have anonymous access for files that are not confidential and do not require security.  After you have installed Filezilla, click on the Site Manager button/ new site.  Then enter these settings.  Make sure you enter the correct port number!



After you have entered the settings, click on "Connect".  you will see two panels.  The left side is your local hard drive.  The right side is the FTP server.  When you see the file you want, hi-light the folder in the left panel where you want to store the file.  Then hi-light the file on the FTP server and right-click.  Choose "download" and the file should be on it's way to your computer.  Be careful about choosing the correct folder on your local drive or the file might be dropped in the wrong place.

For information that should be protected, you should contact IT about  secure FTP access.  You will receive a user-name and password from the IT Department.

ftp again

IT Guy:  to set up Filezilla to allow users to upload files to a specific sub-directory, you need to configure permissions for that user on the webserver AND in Filezilla server.  In Filezilla Server, make sure the "write" option is checked when assigning permissions.






Don't forget to check the ftp server for the correct username-- websites are tied directly to user names and must be correct or the files will upload somewhere else.

Setting up FTP for CH USA web site.

FTP on Server 2012