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Graphics Tips

The preferred format for graphics for most applications at CH is png.  JPG's are known to pixillate and degrade upon re-edits; gifs are for animations; bmp is a proprietary Microsoft concoction: don't use it ever.

There is an exception: png's can be transparent.  However, when overlaid on a color box in Word, and probably other applications, the png transparent background has an effect on the color.  In that situation, a gif will work better.

Photos to be used on CH websites should be scaled to the maximum resolution required and no more.  A typical banner image for a web page should be about 600 x 250 at 120 pixels per inch.  That means the size will be 600 x 250, but its resolution will be slightly greater than the typical 72 dpi, so it could be enlarged if desired.

Windows has a built in a picture editor but for serious work, you will want a copy of Gimp (free download) or Photoshop Elements (which often comes free with cameras, and is available for less than $100 on line).

Having trouble organizing your files?  A common error is to create unnecessary duplicates and then lose track of which ones are current and which ones are just wasted disk space.  Bill has tested this software and found it is quite effective at finding duplicates.  It tends to error on the side of "close" (and sometimes not even close) but it can be very useful for managing your photo files.  And it's free!


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