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Random Photoshop Tips

These were tested on CS4.

  • change the color of the document to black (default): ctrl-i
  • copy layer: ctrl-j
  • resizing in transform: hold down alt key to shrink proportionate to center
  • collapse layers down: ctrl-e
  • and more
  • Very useful: duplicating holes in film strip:

    • choose eraser tool
    • you need square brushes. not loaded by default- - click on small arrow on top right of brush size menu, select square brushes.
    • You might need to select larger than max, say 35.
    • Clock on brushes tab of the tool box: select "brush tip shape".  I found this button by itself in the toolbar -- not obvious, but there.  Select "spacing" of about 300%.  YOU MUST HAVE "BRUSH TIP SHAPE" selected at the top for this to work.
    • Then erase first location, hold down shift, erase last location: voila!
    • Use transform warp, transform perspective to give it wavy perspective.
    • Very important: paint brush (on a new layer) a thick black streak across film.  Use transform to make it come to a point at the end of the strip; twist it, and put behind layer to create the "shadow".  Voila.



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