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Avaya ipOffice Cheat Sheet

Note: on the older 1120e phones, you have to press "SEND" after entering a number or code.  On the newer phones, you don't.  So on the instructions below, assume "send" after each dial code if you have an older phone.  You do NOT need to press SEND after each option is chosen after you have dialed in.

Check Messages:

  •     *17 (on the older 1120e phones: press SEND)
  •     Follow Menu
  •     Delete Message: **3
  •     Save Message: **7

Record greeting: 
    *17  # [password] # 3
Forward Calls
    FEATURE CFwd YES ALL [or edit]
Turn DND on:
    Feature More More More DND [Yes]
Turn DND off:
    Feature More More More DND [Yes]

Do Not Receive Voicemail
    Turn off in IP Office Manager.

*08 [send] Do not disturb on.
*09 [send] Do not disturb off.

Voicemail [Does not work right now.]

*18 Turn voicemail on.
*19 Turn voicemail off.

Directory List:
    Directory Button (enter letters on the number pad to quickly find a name).


Feature - More - GrpPg 7777 
On the reception phone it's just: 7777

Transfer a call:

While on the line with a caller, select TRNSFR from the LCD menu.  Enter the extension number to transfer to.  Press TRNSFR again.  You will have the option to introduce the caller.

    Redial option is on LCD menu.

Check voicemail from outside the building:

  1. Dial into Voicemail:  519 650-6725
  2. Enter your Extension number followed by "#".
  3. Enter your Password followed by "#".
  4. Press "2".

Conference Call

Call the first party.  Place on HOLD.
Press softkey MORE - NEW CALL
    Call the second Party.
Select the first call on hold.
Press softkey CONF.

Music on Hold

Still testing but should be: *34 or *304#.  Press "Goodbye" to turn off.

2016-11-11: no success yet.  The Blackberry appears to be playing the music correctly but it is not being broadcast.


What is a "softkey"?  It's the button below the LCD screen, which may have different functions depending on context.  The function is always indicated by the LCD Screen.

Soft Buttons

** To turn DND off, yes, you answer "yes", because it is a toggle switch.  I know, it's a weird way to do it.  This also applies to Call Forward and some other options.



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