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IP Office User Guide (for Nortel 1120e Phones)

In this document, "#" is meant literally: press the # key.  It is not a symbol meaning enter an actual number.

Listen to Your Messages

To access your voicemail on your phone, enter:

**17 [send]

(The [send] item means press the SEND key on your phone as identified by the word "send" in your screen display.)

The first time you enter go into voicemail, you will be prompted by Avaya IP Office voicemail to record your name and your greetings.

You do not have to wait for the audio instructions to finish and you do not have to enter your extension number: just press the # key, and then your password followed again by the # key, to quickly skip the menu options.  When you have reached the main voicemail menu, press 2 to review messages, or 3 to change your greeting or record a new greeting.

After pressing 2 to listen to messages, press 0 to automatically go to the first message and play it.

To repeat a message, press 7.

[Option 1 is misleading: it is for recording a message that you can forward on to another phone.]

After you have listened to the message, press **7 to save the message, or **3 to delete it.  You might remember these two keys as **R(etain) and **D(elete) corresponding to the letters attached to each number on the number pad.

If your red light is on, check your voicemail, even if you don't think you have a new message.  That will usually turn it off.

Recording Your Voicemail Greeting

Press **17 [send],  #, then your password and #.  Press 3.  Follow the options.

Do Not Disturb

You can place your phone in DND (do not disturb) mode by pressing FEATURE - MORE - MORE - MORE - DND.  But it will confuse you by asking you if you want to activate DND, yes or no.  If your phone is in DND mode, answering YES will toggle it OFF!  You can verify the status of the phone by exiting and checking the screen: if it says "Do Not Disturb" then your DND is on.

Do Not Disturb

Another way to turn on certain functions is with codes, entered on your keypad, followed by "send".

*08 Do not disturb on.
*09 Do not disturb off.

Two short beeps confirm that the code has been accepted.

Transfer a Call to Another Extension

While on a call, on the LCD screen, look for TRNSFR.  Press the button below it and enter the extension number, then press the button below TRNSFR on the LCD screen.  You will be asked if you wish to converse with the target party first: most of the time, you probably won't.

Forward Your Calls to Another Extension

Feature ->CFwd->YES->All [optional] -> Enable [or Edit]

Conference Call

Call the first party to the call.  Place this call on HOLD. 

Press the MORE softkey.  Select the "NEW Call" key. Enter the second party's number and press the ENTER key.  Repeat for additional parties to the call.

Press the CONF softkey.  The parties will be joined together in conference.

Pick up your messages from Outside the Building

To retrieve your voicemails from outside the building (aside from using Groupwise Webmail), follow these steps.

  1. Dial into Voicemail:  519 783-6850
  2. Enter your Extension number followed by "#".
  3. Enter your Password followed by "#".

Your options will be the same as if you were dialing in from your desk.

Directory of Speed Dial Numbers

messages Press the "directory" button on your phone. You will see a list of all the programmed numbers on the system. You can browse through it with the cursor key, or, you can enter letters through the number pad to find directory entires much more efficiently. For example, press "4" twice for "H" and press "6" three times for "O".

You an add numbers to the directory by pressing the Directory button and choosing "ADD" from the address booksoftkeys. You will be prompted to enter a name, using the number pad to select letters, and then the phone number. You can also choose whether to add it to your personal address book or the CH address book.

add doris

Speed Dial Issues

Pressing **095 (for example) will call West District Office, from a listing in the Directory. **999 calls me, listed in the directory. The Directory, however, is limited to a three-digit number, so we can't use program codes for speed-dialling.




ipOffice Cheat Sheet

Clearing New Calls

What is a "Softkey": it is the button below your LCD screen which will have a function labelled in the LCD screen.  This function may vary depending on what your phone is doing at the time.

ipOffice Web Self Admin is now available.  Check it out.

Using Nortel 1120e Phones on ipOffice

Nortel 1120e Phones on ipOffice PDF

Speed Dial: Any CH Program or office can be accessed via speed dial: simply enter the 4-digit number and press "Send".