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Sound Recording

When recording video-- or just audio-- it is very important to use good microphones and good recorders.  Nowadays, we are blessed with incredibly good technology at very affordable prices.  CH owns a Sony PCM-D1 digital recorder with built in microphones which is capable of professional quality audio.  We also how several wireless and powered mics.

If you are interviewing a subject for a CH project (as we recently did for a project on employment), you MUST either find an extremely quiet room and place the camera very close (about 4 feet or less) to the subject, or use a microphone to record the conversation.  A wireless mic is very easy to use.  It is clipped onto the lapel or neck of a shirt and because it is close to the mouth will capture excellent sound.   This is essential if you are recording in a noisy environment.

If you are recording outside and it is even mildly windy, you really need to use a lapel mic or use an external mic with wind-shield.

Again, contact the IT department if you are tasked with making a video for CH.