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The IT Department provides limited technical support for CH staff in areas of video, audio, and photography.  We urge staff to contact us BEFORE making a video or photo project so we can provide you with practical tips for optimizing the quality of your work.  

For example, when recording an interview with a staff, individual, or partner, the sound quality can be dramatically enhanced with the use of separate microphone, instead of the camera's on-camera mic.   Using a tripod can be helpful.  And your video will often turn out much better if you give some attention to lighting, if it's only to make sure you use a location with good frontal illumination.

CH also owns several very good cameras, video cameras, lights, and audio recorders and microphones, which we can make available to you for specific projects.  Please contact the IT Department for more details.

Below are several pages with additional information on producing good pictures, video, and audio for CH projects.



Main Divisions:

Need background music for a video going onto Youtube or Facebook?  This is a good source for various styles and textures.  Free!

Having trouble playing videos?  Try this free downloadable codec package.  I have not tested it yet so, buyer beware. Otherwise, VLC has been solid, reliable, and trustworthy and should be on every desktop, however, VLC does not install any codecs usable by, for example, Windows Media Player: it uses its own internal codecs.

Grabbing Video off the Internet: try Keepvid but if that doesn't work might do it.  Make sure you don't use copyrighted material!

Duplicate Photo Finder: Free program to track down unnecessary duplicate pictures, if you want to organize your hard drive and free up some space.

The IT Department has compiled some notes, including prices, on recent cameras and video equipment.