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Video Tips

Merging / Splitting MP4 Files Nice little utility for this purpose.
CHTalks Video Project Guide for shooting video and improving audio for CHTalks videos.
New - 2018 Capturing Video From Youtube How to download video from Youtube.
Vimeo Posting CH video on Vimeo with privacy settings (or not).
Blu-Ray Issues Why Encore won't burn to blu-ray directly. 

Sharing Video on Vimeo and Youtube

Essentials for Good Video Video tips.
CH Audio Resources  
Good Audio for Video Recording   From Ed's Video in Guelph
Camcorder Comparison Chart Video Camera Comparison Chart  Previous Chart
Logarithm  codec Good lossless intermediary codec for HD exports from Adobe After Effects: Lagarith.
On High Definition Video (Technical Notes)
Rechargeable Batteries How to extend the life of your rechargeable batteries.
Camtasia | Camstudio Creating videos of computer screens
Capturing Youtube How to download a video from Youtube
Sketchup (3D Graphics) Terrific 3D modeling program, for houses, furniture, etc.
Photos in Premiere Pro Why they sometimes look awful.
 Magic Plan Magic Plan (for measuring interior of buildings, importing to Autocad)




Problems with iPhone Videos?

Alternative to Movie Maker: "Shotcut"

Good review of Free Video Editing Software!

A very good introduction to the problem of interlacing vs. progressive video.

Audio Problems

Many videos now have AAC audio encoding.  This may not convert cleanly to a DVD version of the file.  To convert the AAC to WAV or MP3, try FreeStudio


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