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Blank DVD disks can vary in quality by a large amount.  This will usually express itself as bad burns, unplayable disks, stutters, and so on, all for a savings of just ten or fifteen cents a disk.  It is generally worthwhile to purchase the better quality blanks.

In our experience, and in the opinion of most reviewers, Verbatim disks have the best reputation for reliability and quality, followed by Tayo Yuden.  We buy in bulk at Corporate Office, usually in "cake boxes" of 100 disks, but you can get them in 25 disk containers as well.

Blu-Ray disks are coming down (to almost $1) each but we find that they not in wide use yet, and certainly not used anywhere for data (except, perhaps, by video professionals).  They are commonly referred to as "BR-D" (for Blu-Ray Disk).

Blu-Ray Disk DL (BD-R 50 GB $5.00
Blu-Ray Disk (BD-R) 25 GB $2.50
DVD-R (single layer) 4.7 GB $0.35
DVD+R DL (dual layer) 7.95 GB $1.00