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Backing up is Hard to Do

Backing up your computer is not only a wise thing to do -- it is something you are required to do, as an employee of Christian Horizons. 

The first step to backing up is to keep your files organized.  The IT Department will set up your computer so that all of your new documents will be saved, by default, to the C:\work folder, sometimes also called "My Documents" (the two names can point to the same physical folder).  Within this folder, you should keep your files organized into subfolders, like drawers on a virtual file cabinet.

This way, to back up all your data, you only need to back up the parent folder, and all your sub-folders will also be backed up.

How to Backup:

Most homes now will have a portable hard drive or flash drive for backing up purposes.  You should still have a batch file script which will automatically back up the correct folders to those devices.  Check with IT if you are not sure.

  • First ensure you have proper backup media. Our system uses Rewritable discs so make sure they are DVDRW or CDRW discs. Also ensure you have a DVD burner if you use DVDRW.
  • Ensure you are logged in as an administrator before attempting to backup.
  • Double click the backup icon on your desktop. No Icon??? Go to C:\backup.bat in "my computer", right click the file and choose "Send To Desktop" (create shortcut).
  • If the box flashes on the screen and disappears quickly, try formatting the disc. Do this by opening "My Computer", right clicking D:\ and selecting InCD format.   Follow the prompts and try backing up again once format finishes.
  • Near Capacity?  If most of your work consists of Word Documents and Excel Spreadsheets, you will probably be good for many years.  To find out how much capacity you need, browse to the "Work" folder and right-click on the folder name.  Then select "properties".  Windows explorer will tell you how much data is in the folder.
CD 700 Megabytes
DVD-R 4.37 Gigabytes
DVD-DL (Dual-Layer): 7.48 Gigabytes
Blu-Ray 27 Gigabytes.

Zipping Files - IT has created a help page for compressing files into one large, zipped file.  Check it out.


Backup News

Relatively cheap portable hard drives with capacities of 500, 1000, or even 2000 GB are now readily available and form a cheap, rational alternative for backing up large files, images, even video.