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Adobe Acrobat Files

Batch Processing (applying security, etc.)

Adobe's PDF software is expensive and not always the most efficient.  OpenOffice, a free competitor to Microsoft's Office, has a PDF maker built in and is a good low cost alternative.  A list of alternatives below:

Open Office Very good free "Microsoft Office" application, including spreadsheet, database, word processor.  I haven't tested it yet, but it will create PDF's from your Word or Excel documents.
PDF Factory I haven't tested this one yet.
PDF File Writer Website Rates Best Alternatives to Adobe
Ratings CNET's Ratings of PDF makers.

Converting a PDF to a Word Document.

You do realize, don't you, that the whole purpose of a PDF is to prevent someone from re-editing the original document?  That said, we are regularly asked for this service, and it can be done.  Options below.  .

Try: This is a free internet site that will convert a PDF document to a Word document.   Feb 14, 2011:  Free PDF Converter returned a file of 2 pages from an original that was 42.
Converting PDF's Online Tested December 14, 2010.  Worked pretty well.  Returns a zipped RTF file.
PDF X-change Allows the user to annotate PDFs.  Basic version avaiable free.



Cheaper Alternatives

Corel (Word Perfect) makes a product called "Fusion" which creates, edits, and modifis PDFs.  Has not been tested yet by the IT Department.  Cost: $50

Why PDFs sometimes don't open on the server.

Applying a Password to Multiple PDF's at Once