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Data Projectors

Excellent site for comprehensive data and reviews.  .

In September 2011, the IT Department had to replace a broken Hitachi data projector.  Here are some models we looked at:

Model Review
BenQ MX660P Bright,. Bulb life: 3000 hours, replacement cost: $125
BenQ MX511 On the "top ten" list at the website above.  This is the one we chose, September 2011.  From Best Buy, about $600.
Casio Very small and portable, but not nearly as bright as the other models.  Lamp lasts 20,000 hours!

Tip: data projectors are sometimes finicky about connecting to your laptop.  The best way is usually to connect the data projector to your laptop, and then turn on the laptop.  It should "auto-detect" the projector.

If it doesn't, try changing the settings on your laptop second screen.  (Control Panel / Display/ ...).  Make sure that the resolution is within the range of the projector's maximum resolution.



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