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Telephone Support: IP Office (2016)

How to use the Avaya 9608g Phone (that's the one in the picture below).

Avaya 9608g

How to use the Nortel 1120e Phone (that's the other phone set).

 Initialize Voicemail on Nortel 1120e  Nortel 1120e

We have replaced the main telephone system server with an IP Office system as of April 2016. At this time, most users will continue to have the Nortel 1120e phones converted to "SIP" to work with the new IP Office Server. Eventually, CH will probably eventually move to the newer Avaya 9608g  (H.323) phones that take full advantage of the features on the new system.

NEW How to Access Features and Functions on the Corporate Office Phone System (for the Nortel 1120e Phone) [2016-04-27]

For a discussion of Office systems for purchase (eg. for District or Corporate Offices) and training, click HERE.

Corporate Office System Support Documents

Note: many, but not all, of the features described in the documents listed below still work on the new IP Office system.  I will be reviewing these when I get time and updating them to reflect the new functions.
Online Manuals for Nortel 1120e Basic Reference Manual. - Read First
How to Use Speed Dial.
Probably most useful to you: Useful Feature Codes
Conference Calls
Quick Guide to Voice Mail
Getting Started Brochure (installation)
Checking Messages From Home Changing Your Message From Home
[NEW]  Change your name recording:  at option to press "8" you will be offered chance to re-record your name.  Use a land-line if you can (for quality). Changing Your Name Recording
Reference for BCM 50 (London, Toronto, Oshawa) Reference BCM 50
Music on Hold Music on Hold Player
Music on Hold (Socan) Other MOH Options
Checking Messages From Outside the Office Basically, call in to your extension and hit the # key, enter your password, then hit # again.
Staff Representatives Line Notes
Message Light Stays on?  Try Feature # 6 5

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