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Avaya 9608g Phone: User Guide

Record Your Greeting and Name.

Avaya 9608g CH Users's Guide

Please watch the guide video (linked in the right column) for an introduction to the Avaya 9608g telephone or review the "Quick Reference Guide".  If you still have any questions, contact the IT Department.  Even if you are generally familiar with the phone, you may find it worthwhile to review the features for functions you may not be familiar with which may be useful to you.

Our plan is to gradually replace all of our Nortel 1120e phones with the Avaya 9608g phone, which has some enhanced features and is also more logically compatible with our Avaya phone and messaging system.

Avaya 9608g Telephone

Here is the "Quick Reference Guide" to the Avaya 9608g. 

You can choose to have your voicemails sent directly to your desktop via email as a wave file.  It is also your choice whether to "copy" the voice mail to your email, which leaves a copy in your voicemail box, or to "send" it, which removes it from your  voicemail but still sends a copy to your email.  You can change these settings yourself on your phone by pressing Features / Visual Voice [enter password} and choose Email or Voicemail or both, depending on what you want to do.

Contact IT if you wish to change your preference.

Yes, you can conference your phone: check the user guide for the steps required.



Speed Dials

Video Guide to the Avaya 9608g Phone  Very friendly guide to the basics.  Try this one first for a good introduction to the essential functions of your Avaya 9608g phone, including voicemail and  conferencing.

Another Video Guide to the Avaya Phone (Note: the guide is for the very similar 9611 model.  The phone used in the demonstration is configured slightly differently from our phones but most functions are the same.)

 Conferencing with the Avaya 9608
...or check the User Guide

Re-Recording Your Name:

Execute the following commands on your phone:

[Record your name]


Setting up your Voicemail for the first time.

 Quick Reference Guide for the Avaya 9608g.