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You no longer need the (expensive) Bell service to set up a conference call from within our building.  Simply follow the steps below.  For more detail, check the online reference manual.

Remember to press "8" before the phone number as you enter additional connections to the conference.

  1. Call the first party to the conference.
  2.  Place this call on HOLD.
  3.  Press "More".
  4.  Press "New Call".
  5.  Dial the next number (including the 8 prefix)
  6.  Press "more".
  7.  Press "Conference".
  8.  Repeat steps 3-7 for each additional caller.

At this point, your call and the other calls will be connected. 




More Phone Stuff

Yes, these instructions also work with the newer Avaya 9605g phones in Resource and Leadership Centre Offices.