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Feature Codes Nortel 1120e

Feature Codes for Corporate Office (Nortel 1120e) Telephone Sets




Example or Explanation

Disable Voicemail 2014-08   Prevent callers from leaving a voicemail.
Change recording of name 2014-01    
Redial 2014-10  Feature 5  
Set Ring Tone   Feature * 6  
Play "music on hold" on your phone speaker. 2011-05 Feature 86  
Change volume of ring tone 2011-04 Feature *80  
Contrast Adjust   Feature * 7  
Conference (call first party first)   Feature 3  
Forward a message to another party   5 Go to inbox, play the message, then press "5".  You can record an introduction as well, if you like.
Leave Message in other mail box   Feature 980  
Personal Speed Dial Numbers      
Show intercom #   Feature * 0 Intercom  
Talk to someone on his/her phone set without ringing first!   Feature 66 <ext number> Feature 66 2123
Call Logging   Feature *84 Set call logging options.  [coming]
Last Number Redial   Feature 5  
Page: broadcast a message to all phone sets in the building. 2010-12-22 Feature 60 then "1" for all sets.  
Call Park (hold call and pick up on a different phone set)   Feature 74 You will see a 3-digit code.  Go to the other phone set, enter the 3 digits.
Do not disturb   Feature 85 Feature / More / More / More / DND (toggle)
Send incoming calls directly to voicemail (no waiting)   Feature 984 To turn off, enter same code.
Automatically transfer incoming calls to other phone sets. 2012-06 Feature 4 <extension  number> Feature 4 2123
Interrupt a Voicemail Message & pick up   Feature 987  
Transfer Call to an external phone number (ask Bill)   Feature 4+9+<ext#> Feature 49 519 650-1234
Recording: records your call and puts the file in your mailbox.  (To access this function, the IT department  must change your Class of Service in IP Office and enable "voice call messaging" on your workstation).   Feature 989 (while on the call) Call number.
Feature 989
Get rid of persisitent message light   Feature #65  




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Note: due to updates to our system some of the feature codes may have changed and will no longer work.