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Re-Record Your Name

The first time you call your voicemail (press *17-SEND), you will be prompted to enter your extension # and password (which should be the default, until you have initialized your voicemail box). 

You will then be asked to record your name for the Voicemail Directory. 

If you need to re-record your name, or somehow missed it when you initialized your voicemail box, here's how to do it.

Nortel/Avaya 1120e Phone

Nortel 1120e

  1. Press *17
  2. Enter your extension
  3. Enter your password
  4. Press "5"
  5. Press "5" again.
  6. Listen for the prompt and the beep.  Record your name, then press "1" to exit.


Note: depending on the exact model of phone, the menu items may be different.


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