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Office Phone Systems

In 2013-14, several of the District Offices upgraded or replaced their office systems.  IT and Facilities both reviewed all purchases.

The system we recommended is the Avaya IP Office 500.

For Hamilton Day Program (West District),  we selected the Avaya desk phones.  The 9611g model set has pass-through to allow a PC to connect to the network through the same cable as the phone.  (The 9601 model is only one of the series that is SIP --Session Initiation Protocol-- only.  All of the 9600 phones offer pass-through for computers.) 

The 1408 Avaya model is quoted at about $150.00 each (with discount).  The 9611g is quoted at $340 at CDW.  So there is a considerable cost to upgrade, especially when you consider 12 or more phones.  However, the 9611g appears to be a better phone set featureing H.323 compression and SIP.  It is also a VOIP phone.  It has a much nicer, larger screen and would definitely have a longer shelf life.

Avaya 1408 Deskphone
The 1408:   

The initial proposed system for Peterborough is IP Office system from Avaya with model 1408 telephone sets.  Does it have TCP/IP pass through?  No, it appears not. 

The 1416 model (above) was proposed for the reception station.

Avaya 1416 Deskphone

The 1416 (above).

avaya 1416 optional module

Current recommendation:

IP Office 500
Avaya  9608 Deskphones (for each workstation)
Avaya 9641G (about $350) Deskphone with modules for reception.

Lines: 3 should do for most district offices or day programs, depending on how many other staff or programs might be running on the same system. Typically, two or more calls at the same time will "roll over" on

Is it worth looking into SIP?  Yes, probably, for the VOIP issue (SIP phones can bypass Bell and connect directly to an ISP.   But I suspect the quality will not be as good.)


Useful Links

Vendors: Brak Innovations (Recommended by CH IT Department for cabling, phone systems, surveillance, and other electronic infrastructure and equipment.  Located in Kitchener but will travel.)

Network Telecom - Vendor for West District Office

Training Videos on IP Office

Some comments: West District is not completely happy with the sets.  Transferring a call, using "park", is a bit of a kludge.  Perhaps more training needed?

Wiki on Avaya 9600 phones.

Avaya IP Office and Nortel: Our Nortel 1120 phones can be used on an Avaya IP Office system as "SIP" phones, but Avaya phones cannot be used on our BCM 450 system, according to Niels.

It appears that SIP is intended for systems that are directly connected to an ISP for VOIP (thus sparing the cost of dedicated phone lines), and for receiving e-mail and text messages.  The cost factor is interesting, if the internet connection is really going to cost less than the separated costs of phones and broadband.  Worth looking into.  As for text messaging on a landline phone...