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Truecrypt has ceased to operate and there are some significant questions about the future of the application, as well as lots of conspiracy theories. 

The IT Department is analyzing this issue and evaluating flash drives with built-in encryption as a replacement encryption package for Truecrypt.  [2014-08-12]

At this time, we do not recommend using it on new devices.  However, if you are already using it, please continue to do so for now.  [2014-07-14]


Using the Truecrypt Program

As a CH staff member, you are required to take adequate measures to protect the confidentiality and privacy of information about the individuals we support and other staff.   If you keep confidential data on a USB flash drive (or "memory stick" or "thumb drive"), you MUST protect that information with encryption to ensure that, if lost, the information is not accessible to anyone else.

There are numerous websites and Youtube videos providing good tutorials on how to use Truecrypt.  The CH IT Department has also produced a basic introduction and tutorial -- click on the link on the left. 

For additional help setting up Truecrypt on your own Thumb drive, if needed, contact the IT Department.

IT Department Truecrypt Video Tutorial


Video Tutorial

Truecrypt Download Site

Truecrypt Tutorial 1

Truecrypt Tutorial 2

Just how secure is Truecrypt?

Click here to view a Tutorial on Truecrypt made by the CH IT Department.

[updated 2015-02-10]