“If you light a lamp for someone else, it will also brighten your path.”  – Buddha

Caroline carries the spirit of volunteerism. She fills her days with various volunteering activities, always enthusiastic about helping others in any way that she can. She even takes it upon herself to learn new things in order to do so.

CarolineThree days a week, Caroline volunteers at a local daycare, helping children get ready to go outside, prepare for naps, or participate in activities. She also works one on one with a child with autism, helping him use play dough, draw pictures, play with toys, read, and learn words and numbers. Her desire to help doesn’t end when she leaves the daycare either. She spends time at the library researching autism in children to understand him better and bring back ideas for the daycare staff.

When she’s not at the daycare, Caroline might be at a residential program, preparing meals and spending time with one of the individuals, watching movies, reading, going for walks or doing crafts. She is even learning sign language so that she can communicate with an individual in the home.

She is also eager to help out with events, such as the Christian Horizons’ picnic and recreation outings, helping to make sure that the people who attend have everything they need to enjoy it. In the summer, she volunteered with her family with “Volunteer Builders”, an organization that rebuilds cabins and recreation centres throughout Ontario. Caroline has a true volunteer’s heart.

Congratulations Caroline!