Let’s celebrate the everyday achievements of people with exceptional needs!

To begin, complete this submission form to create an Everyday Excellence Certificate that you can share with a person you support.

A new window will open when you click the link. Complete the details requested and review the information before hitting submit.

Note: the date field must be completed in the format indicated [yyyy-mm-dd] or it will produce an error message.

Once you hit submit, you will be redirected to your award for printing. You may need to adjust some printer settings to make sure it prints landscape, in colour with the background, and with no information in the headers and footers. You may also want to save a digital copy to share with others, view digitally, or print at a later time. For details on how to adjust these settings or save a digital copy, refer to these instructions.

If you have any problems or need to make changes to an award once you’ve submitted the form, please contact the Quality Assurance Administrator at Corporate office by phone or email stories@christian-horizons.org .

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