“The greatest good is what we do for one another.” – Mother Teresa

When Kathie DeVries was younger, she attended the 4-H program with her sister, a program that takes a “Learn By Doing” approach to teach youth leadership and life skills. It was there that she discovered, and had the opportunity to nurture, her gift of crocheting, as well as needlepoint.

KathieKathie has a generous and thoughtful heart, sharing her gift with others ever since. When all of her nieces and nephews were born, she made each of them a baby blanket. She keeps a photo of them with the blankets in a photo album. She also makes lap blankets for family and friends.

For many years, Kathie has been making blankets and donating them to the cancer clinic in order to support people going through chemotherapy, a cause very close to her heart as she lost her sister to cancer. She donates some of her blankets to a women’s centre and hospice, bringing warmth and comfort to people in need.

Kathie loves crocheting and will spend hours each day making blankets of all colours of the rainbow. She takes great pride in her blankets and always makes sure she has the right number of wool wrappers and the right texture, depending on the project. She can make a blanket within a few days and has donated over 50 blankets.

Everyone is so appreciative of Kathie’s talent and her thoughtfulness to donate these blankets to help people in need.


Congratulations Kathie!