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Kira: A Passion for Reading

From a young age, Kira has loved to read. She loves to read about people, places, products, animals, and even medications. Her love of reading is a gift she shares with those around her – as she learns new things, so do the people around her.

In September 2014, Kira moved to the Northumberland area, making Cobourg her new hometown. Her former support team passed a long a card, wishing her well in this next chapter of her life. Many of the well-wishes talked of her passion for reading. She had clearly made an impact in her former home.

In her new home, she has continued to read, learning and expanding her knowledge every day. Every Thursday, Kira eagerly awaits the delivery of the “Northumberland News”, the local paper. She even knows the paper delivery men by name: Ziggy and David.

When it’s time to read the paper, she picks out the articles and flyers she wants to read, and sits down with her support team. She takes an active role in reading, joining in and reading words and phrases that she knows.

Not only does reading the local paper help her to practice her reading skills, but it also keeps her in the know about what’s happening in her community and the surrounding area. It has also been a valuable tool for Kira to guide how she receives services and what she does on a daily basis. By reading the paper, she knows what events are happening in the area, and lets her support team know which ones she’s interested in attending.

Kira, your passion for reading and learning is an inspiration!



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  1. Dear Kira,

    I also love to read. Your story is an encouragement to me. I used to live in Colborne and work with Christian Horizons in Cobourg. I am sure you will love your new home.


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